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    "ON REAL", the Poland surrealism artist Pawel Kuczyński‘s first formal art book.


    On Real, or Unreal? Who knows?

    Who will care?

    The edition of this art book is not following the time line of paintings. the content follows up a kind of fable, kinda of narrative, a thinking logic, and these fable, narrative and thinking logic are following your ideas.


    用畫面寫作的天才:波蘭畫家 帕維爾・苦情司機的第一本正式畫冊《真假》。

    由 楊海 成立的奇果文創工業(KEKO Creative Corp.)以旗下品牌「三樂册店」編輯出版,在台灣發行。

    奇果文創工業出版的第一本畫册 《松風》

    The first publication by China-based artist, Zao Dao. Song of Sylvan is a collection of illustrations full of fantastical creatures and characters. Each scene she paints is full of personality and energy. The slight manga style is charming and Zao Dao truly makes it her own by adding detailed brush texture. The inkwork is absolutely organic and the world she reveals to her audience is enchanting.

    Although it is without words, her images are visually story-driven and shows off her comic art talent. One will find it to be a world of demons, adventurers, magical creatures and sword fights. Song of Sylvan comes in two variant covers, the Wolf Boy and Ocean Landscape.

    About the artist:
    Zao Dao is based in Kaiping, China. She works primarily with ink brush and creates comics.


    《松風》,天才繪師早稻ZAO DAO的第一本故事畫册,創作于2013-2015年。
    由 楊海 成立的奇果文創工業(KEKO Creative Corp.)以旗下品牌「三樂册店」編輯出版,在台灣發行。


    The Ink of Wild Set consists of two books by Chinese artist Zao Dao. Her first book is a 144-page illustrative book of fantastic brush work including portraits of her characters in gaze, expressionistic landscapes and fun bizarre creatures. The second book is 184-page comic collection of stories about childhood and fantasy. Both books have flexible cover and binding. Please note that the comic is in Chinese.

    Books will not be sold separately.